At the Zero Kilometer of Automobile Roads of Russian Federation

At the Zero Kilometer of Automobile Roads of Russian Federation
«At the Zero Kilometer of Automobile Roads of Russian Federation»

In many countries, Kilometre Zero (also written km 0) is a particular location (often in the nation's capital city), from which distances are traditionally measured. They were markers where drivers could set their odometers to follow directions in early guide books. The most famous such marker of which any part survives from ancient times is the Milliarium Aureum ("Golden Milestone") of the Roman Empire, believed to be the literal origin for the maxim that "all roads lead to Rome".

In Russia the bronze sign called “The Zero Kilometer of Automobile Roads of Russian Federation” is located in very city center, at the passage of Resurrection Gates that connects the Red Square with Manezhnaya Square. It. The marker was designed by Russian sculptor A. Rukavishnikov wand placed at the side of the State Historical Museum in front of the Resurrection Gates in 1995. Initially the Zero Kilometer sign they intended to place on the line between Lenin's Tomb (Mausoleum) and GUM at the Red Square, although the official point is located at Central Post office at the begining of Tverskaya street, also not far from its current location (between Red Square and Central Post Office).

During the past 10 years this place became very popular for tourists coin over left shoulder for a good luck, but my clients and I decided to make something different and encircle all together the Russian Zero Mile marker for memory and fun.

Photo #007 taken on April 10, 2014 during Moscow city tour with my Dear clients from USA, Bill & Cheney Hibschman and Rick & Lynn Jones.

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