Curved Wall of Grief and Columns in Spring Twilight

Curved Wall of Grief and Columns in Spring Twilight
«Curved Wall of Grief and Columns in Spring Twilight»

View of the outside surface of the 6-meter high curved “Wall of Grief” memorial with stone columns in the spring twilight. The memorial made of bronze and stone is dedicated to the victims of political repression by Joseph Stalin during the country's Soviet-era. It was unveiled on a junction of Academician Sakharov Avenue and Garden Ring on October 30, 2017. The two-sided bas-relief of the memorial consists of many faceless human figures embossed on it, symbolizing the scale of repression. Between the figures in some places, there are gaps, doors, through which the visitor of the memorial will be able to feel himself in the place of the repressed and realize the value of human life. On the top of the stone columns installed lights symbolizing souls of the dead people.

A corner of the monumental soviet building of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR is at the right on the picture, and the modern glass building of the Main Computer Center of the USSR State Planning Committee (In present time Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation) on Avenue of Academician Sakharov is in the background of the composition.

Photo #160 taken on March 28, 2020

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