Reflection of the LED Christmas Ball with Love Hearts at Night

Reflection of the LED Christmas Ball with Love Hearts at Night
«Reflection of the LED Christmas Ball with Love Hearts at Night»

The world’s largest 17-meter high musical Christmas tree ball with a dance floor inside on Poklannaya Hill (Victory Park) illuminated with colored figures of love hearts and reflection in a puddle of the melted snow at thaw before upcoming winter holidays 2017-2018.

The New Year’s Ball entered the Guinness Book of records in the nomination "The largest led sculpture in the world" in 2016. Its diameter is 11 meters, and the height with the thread fasteners - 17 meters. The transparent wire balloon is hollow inside and consists of about 23 thousand light bulbs which perform different light images on its surface according to playing music or independent computer programs. Several dozens of people can dance on its floor inside under popular and well-known Christmas music, including the song Happy New Year by ABBA, the musical fragment of «Winter» from the cycle «The Seasons» by Antonio Vivaldi, «Winter» performed by Eduard Khil (the Ceiling ice, a door creaking, Rus: Potolok Ledyanoy) and songs about Moscow.

Photo #008 taken on December 19, 2017


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