New Year’s Fairy Tale Forest in Pushkinskaya Square

New Year’s Fairy Tale Forest in Pushkinskaya Square
«New Year’s Fairy Tale Forest in Pushkinskaya Square»

Overview Pushkinskaya Square from a concert hall Rossiya (Russia) with lights of magical New Years Fairy Tale forest and beautiful old-style street lamps.

In the winter season 2016-2017, Moscow streets and squares were beautifully decorated with musical forests, light fountains and wineglass-shaped street lamps that became the highlights of Moscow’s new holiday decoration concept. This concept was devised by Russian designers, artists, and architects, and will be brought to life by teams from France and Italy, as well as Russia. On the picture is the view from Rossiya Theatre on Pushkinskaya Square decorated with thousands of lights of Musical Forest. The New Year’s Fairy Tale Forest consists of about 50 white trees on a raised 400-square-metre platform and lighted with about 50,000 manually programmed LED pixels, over 240 dynamic floodlamps, artificial smoke generators and rotating light beam projectors.

Photo #030 taken on February 06, 2017

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