River Tram and Hotel Rossia (Russia)

River Tram and Hotel Rossia (Russia)
«River Tram and Hotel Rossia (Russia)»
River tram is given name by Muscovites for small passenger riverboats, which float on the Moscow-river every half hour at summer season as the one on this picture. On the background, you can see the hotel Rossia (Russia) that was one of the largest hotels in Europe. It was built in 1964-1967 by architect Chechulin. Located on the bank of the Moskva-Reka (Moscow River) in close vicinity to the Red Square and the famous Cathedral of St. Basil's the Blessed. The hotel had an advantageous central location and easy access to the political, business and cultural centers of Moscow. It has the best view of Kremlin and the Red Square. Since the 70th of the 20th century the hotel Rossija was registered in Guinness book of Records as the hugest world's hotel. The hotel had 21 floors and 3200 rooms including 245 half-suites. By order of Moscow Government, in summer of 2006 Rossia hotel was demolished. They planned to build a new small hotels for 2000 rooms united in one architectural ensemble to the end of 2008, but the project failed and still nothing here have been constructed to the middle of 2013.

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