Moscow Towers at Sakharov Prospect under Grey Clouds

Moscow Towers at Sakharov Prospect under Grey Clouds
«Moscow Towers at Sakharov Prospect under Grey Clouds»

View from Academician Sakharov Prospect (Avenue of Academician Sakharov) on the made of glass tower of the modern “Domnikov” business center and five-star high-rise tower of Hilton Leningradskaya Hotel in a warm cloudy winter day. The tower of Business Center “Domnikov” built in 2009 rises to the height of 141 meters (463 ft.), and the tower of Leningradskaya Hotel, one of the seven Stalin skyscrapers built in 1953 rises to the height of 136 meters (446 ft.) in the background of the composition. It is the smallest among Seven Sister (Stalinist high-rises), but the most “Russian” and only the one that has different colors in its exterior. A corner of the dark red building of the Ministry of Agriculture (original name “Narkomzem”) is at the right on the picture. It was constructed at the intersection of the Academician Sakharov Avenue and the Garden Ring (Sadovoye Koltso) in 1928–1933 by the project of prominent Russian-Soviet architect Alexei Shchusev who also built Lenin’s Mausoleum on the Red Square in that time.

Photo #143 taken on February 20, 2020

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