The Kremlin Embankment in One Frosty Morning

The Kremlin Embankment in One Frosty Morning
«The Kremlin Embankment in One Frosty Morning»
Impressive panorama from Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Most (Big Moscow-River Bridge) of the full of traffic Kremlin Embankment, frozen Moskva-Reka (Moscow-River), steam going up from chimneys of hearting plants and majestic cathedral of Christ the Savior in background at one early winter morning, when temperature of air lowered down to -15..-17 C (+5..+1,5 F). When I was taking the several shots here, at open area on the bridge with some very cold wind, my fingers frozen within a few minutes and I held my camera through a pain to make this photograph. At the right on this picture you can see the beautiful towers and walls of Moscow Kremlin, stronghold of the city, built by design of Italian architects in 1490s. Few centuries back, Europe surrounded by the moats and rivers till beginning of 19th century, it was one of the most fortified fortresses in Europe. The Moscow Kremlin has twenty small and big towers in total and the length of its walls is 2.2 km (1,4 miles). Also on this picture you can see: the part of the city from left side of Moscow River well-known from Medieval times as "Zamoskvorechje"; Cathedral of Christ the Savoir (originally built in 19th century, knocked down in 1931, rebuilt in 1995-2000, the symbol of Orthodox Religion and the biggest cathedral in Russia); steam from one heating plant in downtown; behind Kremlin towers – a high-rise building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia - the one of the famous Stalin's skyscrapers (Seven Sisters).

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