Yaroslavsky Railway Station

Yaroslavsky Railway Station is one of the nine main railway stations in Moscow located on Komsomolskaya (former Kalanchevskaya) square. From this station, you can take the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest railway in the world. Its name originates from the ancient city of Yaroslavl, the first large city along the railway, situated 284 km along the railway from Moscow. The first railway station was built on this site in 1862 and named Troitsky (Trinity), when it was built its first part to Sergiyev Posad (where located Holy Trinity – St. Sergius Monastery, spiritual Christian Orthodox center of Russia).

The existing Neorussian revival building facing Komsomolskaya Square was built in 1902–1904 by project of talented Russian architect Fyodor Shechtel. The building of the Yaroslavl station is considered one of his outstanding creations. Shekhtel managed to combine elements of ancient Russian architecture with Art Nouveau decor. The building acquires special similarity to the Old Russian terem style by combining different architectural volumes. Thanks to this technique, unique images of the building are formed from different viewpoints, the left tower being a single component of which.

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