Moskva City Skyscrapers after Snowfall in Early Spring

Moskva City Skyscrapers after Snowfall in Early Spring
«Moskva City Skyscrapers after Snowfall in Early Spring»

View from the high bank of river Moskva (Moscow) at Tarasa Shevchenko Embankment on the skyscrapers of Moscow International Business Center "Moskva-City" (Moscow City) shining in the morning sun against blue sky after a snowfall in early spring. The commercial project of the modern financial district was founded in the central part of Moscow in 1996. On the picture from the left to the right: Naberezhnaya Tower (Tower on the Embankment) – the complex of modern hemisphere-shaped skyscrapers (2003-2007); City of Capitals skyscrapers - two cubic-shaped towers of different height but the same design called “Moscow” and “Saint Petersburg” (2005-2009); Imperia (Empire) Tower – 60-floor oval-shaped skyscraper (2006-2011); Evolution Tower - the futuristic DNA-like shape 53-story building (2012-2014).

Photo #002 taken on March 16, 2020 with my Dear clients from Australia, Jeff and Helen Wiltshire.

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