Anchor Insurance Company Building - Cheka

The Anchor Insurance House was built in the spirit of eclecticism in 1879 by the Austrian-Russian architect August Weber based on an older building. The building housed the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission (Cheka) in 1918 and a study of Felix Dzerzhinsky (the first chief of Cheka) was on the second floor.

In 1918, the building was occupied by the Cheka (All-Russian Extraordinary Commission), the office of Felix Dzerzhinsky (the first chief of Cheka) was located on the third floor, according to legend. Preserved description of the internal shape of the house. In the first headquarters of the Cheka (later renamed to KGB) at the corner of Varsonofevsky lane and Bolshaya Lubyanka, it was so convenient to conduct night interrogations and sign arrest warrants. A special room for the executions of people sentenced to death was equipped here. It is estimated that between 10 and 15 thousand people were shot here - victims of Stalin's political terror.

Address: Bolshaya Lubyanka, 11

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