Bobbin Lace Makers in Izmailovo Kremlin

Bobbin Lace Makers in Izmailovo Kremlin
«Bobbin Lace Makers in Izmailovo Kremlin»
These Russian women are showing a master class in lace-making using bobbins in Izmailovo Kremlin on the last day of summer, right before the start of the academic year (in Russia it is always the 1st of September). They do it in order to promote Russian culture and handicrafts to kids and their parent. Izmailovo Kremlin is among the top attractions in Moscow not only for being a place to buy souvenirs, but also as a window into the past, showing the Russian culture and heritage. During most of the main holidays this place is full of life, presenting master classes for all to see. You can even participate in some of these master classes if you wish. Try yourself out in wood carving, blacksmithing, pottery, or any other type of craft. It is a much more fulfilling experience to actually make your souvenir rather than buy one. This way you’ll have fond memories of this moment for years to come. Photo #044 taken on August 31, 2007 during tour of Izmailovo craft market with my Dear clients from USA, Thomas and Roseann Ostwald.

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