Top of Epiphany Cathedral Crowned with Golden Dome (Moscow)

Top of Epiphany Cathedral Crowned with Golden Dome (Moscow)
«Top of Epiphany Cathedral Crowned with Golden Dome (Moscow)»

The beautiful Epiphany Cathedral was consecrated in 1696 on the grounds of Bogoyavlensky monastery (Theophany Monastery), the oldest male monastery in Moscow founded at the end of 13th century (around 1296) by Daniel, the first Prince of Moscow principality. It is situated in the Kitai Gorod, a cultural and historical area within the central part of Moscow, just one block away from the Kremlin and Red Square. The richly decorated Cathedral of Epiphany (Bogoyavlensky Sobor) is a splendid specimen of the Muscovite Baroque (also known as Naryshkin Baroque) style of architecture, which was essentially a fusion of traditional Russian architecture and elements of European Baroque.

Photo #047 taken on April 15, 2011 during one day city tour with my Dear clients from USA, Annie Fitzsimmons and Andy Ellwood.

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