Cupolas of the Renovated Znamensky Sobor on Varvarka Street

Cupolas of the Renovated  Znamensky Sobor on Varvarka Street
«Cupolas of the Renovated Znamensky Sobor on Varvarka Street»

View from a hilltop of the new Zaryadye park on the five cupolas (domes) with crosses of the recently renovated ancient Znamensky Cathedral (consecrated in the name of the icon of the Mother of God "The Sign"). It is the main church of the former Znamensky Monastery that was founded in 1629-1631 and belonged to the boyars Romanov since the 16th century. The five-domed church was built in Russian traditions in 1679-1684 on the money of boyar Ivan Miloslavsky by the project of Russian architects, Grigoriev and Grigory Anisimov, instead of old church badly damaged in the fire of 1668. Its four onion domes dedicated to four Evangelists covered with tiles painted in green and brown colors. The gilded onion cupola in the center of the church dedicated to Christ the Savior and made of leaf-gold, the hand-forged method using for dome gilding from the ancient times.

The Znamenskaya church located on Varvarka street, 8 was restored in 2016-2017 with other churches in the background on the street during construction of the new innovative park Zaryadye, in one of Moscow oldest districts Kitai-Gorod, few minutes walk from the Red Square.

Photo #049 taken on September 20, 2017

Se also old picture of the domes of this church taken in 2014 before restoration: Gilded and Tiled Domes of Cathedral of Sign on Varvarka (Moscow).

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