Nativity's Blue Domes (Suzdal)

Nativity's Blue Domes (Suzdal)
«Nativity's Blue Domes (Suzdal)»
The view on the beautiful blue domes with golden stars of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, which is located in Kremlin of Suzdal. These domes looks very imressive and magnificent... The Nativity Cathedral is the principal temple of Suzdal and one of the latest monuments of the pre-Mongol architecture of the land of Vladimir and Suzdal. It was built inside the Kremlin between 1222 and 1225. Both its exterior and interior design are beautiful. Its facades are decorated with intricate ornaments From the mid 14ththrough the 18th centuries, Suzdal was the center of the eparchy of the Eastern Christian Church and its bishop resided in the Suzdal Kremlin. Photo #041 taken on March 30, 2005 during two days and one night long distance countryside tour to Suzdal and Vladimir with my Dear Clients from USA, Michelle Shultz Burnes and Christie Jo Robison.

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