Tag for Newly Married Couples

Tag for Newly Married Couples
«Tag for Newly Married Couples»
The cathedral of St. Demetrius has 3 entrances; North, West and Southern (main) sides, but is open to visitors only from the Southern side. It's likely that many people, especially those who have celebrated weddings after a few drinks cannot locate the right entrance. A special sign has been posted on the closed gates of the cathedral in Russian as a request from Prince Vsevolod III (Big Nest) who built the church palace in 12th century : "Dear newly married couples! I wish you happiness, but should warn you that hammering on the doors is an omen of misfortune!" Prince Vsevolod Photo #84 taken on July 8, 2010 ©2010 Arthur Lookyanov (ArtLook), all rights reserved.

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