Golden Onion Domes Framed by Trees

Golden Onion Domes Framed by Trees
«Golden Onion Domes Framed by Trees»

Stunning onion-shape domes (cupolas) of old Annunciation Cathedral with a southern wall of Archangel Cathedral (at the right) framed by trees in summer season. The view from Taynitsky Garden of Moscow Kremlin. The Cathedral of the Annunciation was built by Russian masters during the reign of Grand Prince Ivan III (The Great) between 1484 and 1489 and was used as the domestic cathedral of the Grand Princes and later the Tsars of Moscow. The Cathedral the Archangel Michael, heavenly patron of the Russian army, was erected in 1505-1508 under the supervision of Aleviz Noviy (The New), the prominent Italian architect from Venice. It was used as necropolis of Moscow Princes and Russian Tsars.

Photo #033 taken on June 25, 2019 during the Moscow Kremlin tour with my Dear clients from Australia, Michael Mantakoul, his Dear wife, and their friends.

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