Church of the Icon of the Mother of God in Gorny after Snowfall

Church of the Icon of the Mother of God in Gorny after Snowfall
«Church of the Icon of the Mother of God in Gorny after Snowfall»

View of the snow-covered stone steps leading to the tree-surrounded Temple of the Icon of the Mother of God "Life-Giving Spring" in the desert (secluded monastery) of Theodosius Caucasian near the Gorny village, 30 km from Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Krai (Territory). Such snowy weather in winter is very rare for the south of Russia. Locals say that such snowfalls and frosts occur once every ten years.

The red brick monastery church was built in 2011. Today, hermit monks constantly live in the desert of Theodosius of the Caucasus, hiding from the eyes of pilgrims in dugouts, they lead an ascetic and strict life, constantly being in prayer and solitude.

In search of consolation and recovery, crowds of people come to these places to collect water from the spring, walk through the territory of the holy place, look into the church, buy tasty and healthy local honey. The local landmark is listed as one of the most visited holy places for pilgrims in Russia. Especially many pilgrims come together on August 8 - the day of the Monk Theodosius of the Caucasus.

Photo #023 taken on January 17, 2021

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