Architectural Ensemble of Ancient Cathedral under Cloud-Filled Sky

Architectural Ensemble of Ancient Cathedral under Cloud-Filled Sky
«Architectural Ensemble of Ancient Cathedral under Cloud-Filled Sky»

The view from a big park in historical center of the ancient Russian city of Vladimir on the beautiful architectural ensemble with a white-stone Assumption Cathedral (Rus: Uspensky Sobor) and standing behind tall bell tower with golden spire. The magnificent five-dome cathedral was designed as a sepulcher of grand princes and was dedicated to the holy icon of Vladimir Theotokos, which had been brought as a gift to the city by Andrew the Pious. It was constructed in 1158-1161 by Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky, but was rebuilt and expanded by Prince Vsevolod “The Big Nest” in 1185-1189 after its walls were damaged by fire. In 1810 a lofty bell-tower in the neoclassical style was added to the architectural ensemble.

Photo #273 taken on September 01, 2014 in Vladimir city during long distance countryside tour of the Golden Ring of Russia towns with my Dear clients from Bolivia, Alejandro and Federico Roman.

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