Christ Pantocrator and Church Chandelier Under the Central Dome

Christ Pantocrator and Church Chandelier Under the Central Dome
«Christ Pantocrator and Church Chandelier Under the Central Dome»

Interior of the single-domed Church of Assumption (Upsenskaya Tserkov) with a view of the richly painted cupola vault where images of Christ the Pantocrator, angels and saints are illuminated against a bright blue background. The ornate and beautiful brass panikadilo (Church Chandelier) hangs at the center of the dome, its sparkling surface looking as if it's made of pure gold, and difficult to believe that it is just newly hand-polished brass.

Originally constructed in the second half of the 17th Century, and rebuilt in 1720 after a devastating fire raised the city in 1719, the Church is located in the eastern part of the kremlin on Kremlevskaya Street on the “Princely Courtyard”, the same road where the Gate Tower of the Prophet Elijah once stood.

Photo #052 taken on August 12, 2016 during one day long distance tour to Suzdal and Vladimir with my dear client from New Zealand, Raewyn Durant.

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