Monastic Log House – The Residence for Nuns

Monastic Log House – The Residence for Nuns
«Monastic Log House – The Residence for Nuns»
For many years on the grounds of Pokrovsky convent in Suzdal was situated the Pokrovskaya Hotel styled in the form log houses or izbas, a traditional Russian countryside dwelling. The hotels of small wooden houses decorated in a traditional Russian style was very popular among foreign tourists. Reservation should be made far in advance and in spite of the cast of its rooms it was much more than other hotels in the area. In spring 2008 the Pokrovskaya Hotel was closed and the lovely timber houses with carved windows were presented by its former owners as a gift to the convent. In the present days these adorable wooden houses are located monastic cells for nuns and orphanage for girls on the very well maintained grounds of Pokrovsky monastery surrounded by many beautiful flowers. The passage to these houses is closed now. Photo #006 taken on July 25, 2013 during long distance countryside tour of Golden Ring of Russia with my Dear client from Canada, Anna Miceta.

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