Fortification Wall & Towers of Intercession Covent Under Snowfall

Fortification Wall & Towers of Intercession Covent Under Snowfall
«Fortification Wall & Towers of Intercession Covent Under Snowfall»

The first fortification stone wall to protect the convent of Intercession of the Theotokos in Suzdal appeared in the 16th century, but later (in 18th century) it was rebuilt and renovated in the 20th century by architect A.D. Varganov. The oldest part of the wall with devoid decor tent-roof towers of the XVII century is located in the northern part of the monastery and forms a small closed courtyard. In 18th century, the octagonal towers of the convent covered with tent-roof canopies were replaced with hemispherical domes to make it more elegant and picturesque.

The picture was taken at the first snowfall of Autumn on October 09, 2015, during a long-distance two-day countryside tour to Suzdal and Vladimir with my dear clients from USA, Steven, Rebekah, and little Owen.

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