Antipievskaya and Lazarevskaya Churches - Angle view from East

Antipievskaya and Lazarevskaya Churches - Angle view from East
«Antipievskaya and Lazarevskaya Churches - Angle view from East»

Angle view of small cozy Antipievskaya and Lazarevskaya churches from prospect Lenina (Lenin’s Avenue) in Suzdal.

The Church of Antipia, the Bishop of Pergamon or the Antipievskaya Church is a winter church in the central part of Suzdal, located between the Trade Square and Rizopolozhensky Monastery (at the left in this picture). It dates back to 1745. It has a paired summer Lazarevskaya church with the black domes built in 1667.

The belltower of the Antipievskaya church is one of the most elegant and notable in Suzdal. It resembles the bell tower of the St. Nicholas Church in the Kremlin of Suzdal and represents an octagon placed on a square stand. Its concave tent is decorated with three rows of circular ear holes, and the facade is decorated with bossage and “shirinkas”, polychrome tiles set in wall recesses.

In 1959, the whole ensemble was restored under the direction of A.D. Varganov, in the course of which the outer coloring of the bell tower was restored in accordance with the tastes of a seventeenth-century posad, a settlement in Russia, often surrounded by ramparts and a moat, adjoining a town or a kremlin, but outside of it.

Photo #318 taken on July 18, 2016, during long distance countryside tour to Suzdal and Vladimir with my dear clients from the USA, Andrew and Karen Green.

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