At the Main Entrance to the Holy Trinity – St. Sergus Lavra

At the Main Entrance to the Holy Trinity – St. Sergus Lavra
«At the Main Entrance to the Holy Trinity – St. Sergus Lavra»

Facing eastward, the Holy Trinity – St. Sergius Lavra, is the main monastery and spiritual center in Russia, greeting visitors with its Red Gateway Tower (16-19 centuries), which was once part of eleven other defensive towers and the thick white brick-and-stone wall encircling the monastery.

The mighty monastery walls and towers were built to replace the wooden ones in the middle of 16th century on the decree of Ivan IV “The Terrible”. The first tsar of all Russia himself supervised the erection of the walls and gave freedom from all state taxes and obligations to the peasants who worked here.

The main entrance to the monastery was previously called the Red Gate or the Fine Gate. Until revolution, it was used as the entrance only for high clergy and noble people. Ordinary people had to use a small gate standing next to it. In present days everybody who comes to the lavra, passes through a beautiful archway of the Red Gate, while the small gate is used only as the entrance for monastery vehicles.

Photo #238 taken on May 19, 2011 during countryside tour to Sergiev Posad with my Dear client from USA, Don Z. Miller.


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