St. Nicholas Church Framed by Trees in Summer

St. Nicholas Church Framed by Trees in Summer
«St. Nicholas Church Framed by Trees in Summer»

Beautiful view from the grounds of St. Nicholas Monastery (or Nikolsky Monastery) on the framed by trees white-colored St Nicholas Church topped with shining on the sun beautiful onion-shaped golden domes and openwork crosses. This is the main church of St. Nicholas monastery. It was built on the site of the former cathedral that was destroyed in Soviet times after the revolution of 1917. The restoration of St. Nicholas cathedral started in 1999 by design of the architect V. Izhikov and finished in 2003. The main church of the sanctuary now does not keep its original shape before demolishing, but closely resembles the image of the magnificent Assumption Cathedral of the Kievsko-Pechorskaya Lavra (the main monastery in Kiev). Today, admiring the beautiful ensemble of the Nikolsky monastery it is not easy to believe that it endured more devastation than any other Pereslavl sanctuary in the years when the religion was not in favor.

Photo #453 taken on August 16, 2010 in Pereslavl-Zallesky during Golden Ring of Russian tour with my Dear client from USA, Robert W. Monfrini.

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