St. Nicholas Convent

St. Nikola (Nicholas) Convent built “on the swamp” was presumably founded in 1348. The founder, Dmitry Prilutskiy, was a follower of the Saint Sergey Radonejskiy who himself visited the convent several times. In 1923 the convent was closed. The household utensils, the cattle and the poultry became the property of the communal services department. The main buildings of the cloister, walls and tower of 18th century, tent-roof bell tower (1693), St. Nicholas Cathedral (1721), were destroyed in fist decades of Soviet regime.

At the end of 1993, the convent was opened its doors for nuns again based on decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, and from 1994 it is going revival of the cloister. In 2003 it was finished reconstruction of Nikolsky Cathedral (St. Nicholas), belfry and the walls of the convent on the money from V.I. Tirishkin. The main church of the sanctuary was rebuilt not in the original look, but now it is close to the image of the Assumption Cathedral of the Kievsko-Pechorskaya Laura (The architect is V. Izhikov, 1999–2003). The bell tower also has different shape, no more ten-roof architecture, but now it represents old style belfries that were common in Russia in Medieval times. Today, about 50 nuns live in the convent which, as before, is now one of the prosperous sanctuaries on the Pereslavl land.

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