At the Mount Karaul-Oba on a Sunny Summer Morning

At the Mount Karaul-Oba on a Sunny Summer Morning
«At the Mount Karaul-Oba on a Sunny Summer Morning»

The view from a speed pleasure boat on the edge of the ancient coral reef of the Jurassic period, the mount Karaul-Oba (Tatar: Qaravul Oba, Russian: Karaulnaya), highlighted by the sun on a nice summer morning. The mountain is located a few kilometers westwards from Novy Svet (New World) settlement, on the tourist path of Golitsyn. The Karaul-Oba massif with its mystic rocky ledges is the state complex natural monument. Almost from the very sea, sharp teeth of the cliffs are jutting out, that is a distinctive feature of the mountain. ‘Karaul-Oba’ means ‘Watch Mountain’ or ‘Guard Peak’ in Crimean Tatar. It is reckoned among many unique natural wonders of Sudak’s surroundings.

Photo #050 taken on August 12, 2019 during pleasure boat tour in Novy Svet with my dear clients from Hong Kong, Esther and Ricky on the 2nd day of the adventure trip “Discovering Crimea in 6 Days”.

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