Silver Cupolas of St. Gregory Church at Polyanka (Moscow)

Silver Cupolas of St. Gregory Church at Polyanka (Moscow)
«Silver Cupolas of St. Gregory Church at Polyanka (Moscow)»

Beautiful silver onion-shaped domes with gilded crosses, richly decorated drums with kokoshniks is the tops of the Church of St. Gregory, Bishop of Neocaesarea in Derbitsy at Polyanka street in Moscow. The stone church in the style of "Russian patterning (Uzorochie)" was built in 1668-1679 at the expense of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The tiled decoration of the temple was made by the famous Belarusian "valuable deeds" master of the 17th century, Stepan Polubes.

The temple, which struck with the beauty of Napoleon in 1812, survived the fire and the French invasion of Moscow without loss. Napoleon was upset for a long time that he could not take it in his palm and take it with him. From the time of Alexei Mikhailovich until the revolution of 1917, the church of St. Gregory had the status of a court and therefore was often visited by members of the royal family. Here, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich (1629 - 1676) with Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina (1651 - 1694), who was 19 years old at the time of the wedding, and his son Peter, who later became Russian Emperor Peter the Great, was also baptized.

Photo #088 taken on June 26, 2022

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