Gigantic New Year’s Ball on Manezhnaya Square

The Portal into a New Year Fairy Tale
«The Portal into a New Year Fairy Tale» - See photo in Gallery
The New Year’s Light Ball on Manezhnaya Square (historical center of Moscow Kremlin) first appeared during last year’s winter holidays. This season, the ball has been made considerably larger and claims a record in the Guinness Book of Records at 17 meters high. This ball is not a toy, but a sophisticated multimedia installation. There are 23,000 tiny light bulbs operated by a computer program designed to produce various scenes in the lights. Some of the scenes during the winter holidays have been snow fall, the Northern Lights, and a map Russia. The gigantic ball also transforms from season to season. For the New Year, it is the Gigantic New Year’s ball, but in the summer for the Jam Festival, it is a huge watermelon.

The unusual design can be admired from all sides and can be seen from anywhere in Manezhnaya Square. Visitors can even go inside the ball, passing through a portal into a New Year fairy tale, entering into a labyrinth which fits no more or less all eleven Russian time zones. “The Ball is so bright and beautiful” “It instills the Christmas mood when you see it.” “It is way cooler than last year; it is twice the size, as tall as a five story building for sure.” “Very good find to show the map of the Russian Federation” – Winter visitors to Manezhnaya Square

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