Vaults and Ceiling of the Dome of St. Nicholas Church

Vaults and Ceiling of the Dome of St. Nicholas Church
«Vaults and Ceiling of the Dome of St. Nicholas Church»

Dramatically saturated colors of the interior of St. Nicholas church make contrast with restrained monochrome look of its exterior. Combination of blue and white with shining gold in décor of the Upper church (the church consists of two levels) amazes its visitors with splendor, religious motives implement in patterns of floral ornaments. The interior of the church was painted by artist I.I. Nivinskiy who was invited to Arhangelskoye Estate in 1913. Stucco works and bas-reliefs of the drum of its cupola was created by G.B. Barhin, the pupil of the chief architect.

The church of St. Nicholas in Archangelskoye Estate was built in 1909-1916 by project of prominent Russian architect Roman Klein and must serve as burial vault (mausoleum) for Yusupov family, the noble owner of the estate.

Photo #147 taken on October 26, 2012 during tour of Arkhangleskoye Estate and Museum with my Dear clients from Canada, Ana Miceta.


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