Imperial Sceptre

Imperial Sceptre
«Imperial Sceptre»

Features: Large, completely pure and transparent crystal, a historic stone called “Orlov Diamond” with weight 189,62 carats (38 grams), mounted on the scepter consisted of three polished sections divided by paired bands of brilliants.
Origin: made in 1770s for Catherine the Great coronation.

Imperial sceptre (a small mace symbolizing the Absolute power) carried at the coronation ceremony by Catherine the Great didn't live to our times. The one made later at the beginning of 1770s is exhibited at the Diamond Fund. It consists of three golden parts divided by diamond bands. In 1774 decoration of the sceptre was enhanced by adding a gigantic diamond to its top. This gem is famous not only for its weight -189.62 carats and its unusual green blue tint but the finest jewellery cut - the gem has 180 facets. This diamond is so eminent that it is known under its own name - 'Orlov'. The gem is the subject of many legends.


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