Giant Monument to Peter the Great on Moskva-Reka

Giant Monument to Peter the Great on Moskva-Reka
«Giant Monument to Peter the Great on Moskva-Reka»

On a spit in the Moskva-Reka (Moscow-River), in the heart of the capital of Russia (a mile from Moscow Kremlin) stands one of tallest statues in the world (8th place) made from steel and bronze - the monument to Peter the Great. Nearly 98m (328ft) high statue was unveiled during the celebrations of Moscow's 850th anniversary and was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian navy (September 5th, 1997).

The giant monument, a work by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, has the form of a pillar standing on a granite basis foundation that is crowned by a bronze boat, with the figure of Peter the Great growing out of it. The tsar holds a large scroll in his hand. The controversy monument to Peter the Great, who hated Moscow and moved the Russian capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg in 1712, was vehemently opposed when the Moscow government, headed by Yury Luzhkov, erected it in 1997. During the past years received several nicknames as like "Terminator" or "Gulliver" and even one incredible story that originally the artist wanted to make Christopher Columbus statue on the boat instead of Peter the Great to present it as a gift to United States, but they refused from such extraordinary gift. In spite of the fact that many people here called it ugly and complained that it disturbs historical center of Moscow city, most of my clients from many countries was greatly impressed and liked this “infamous” monument that several times in its history was almost been moved or even turned down.


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