Inside the Cathedral of St. Dmitry of Rostov

Inside the Cathedral of St. Dmitry of Rostov
«Inside the Cathedral of St. Dmitry of Rostov»

View on the fascinating interior of richly decorated Dimitrievsky Cathedral (Cathedral of St. Dmitry of Rostov), the eminent sample of the Russian classicism epoch. The church was built in 1794-1802 on money of Count Nikolai Petrovich Sheremetev. Talented Moscow artisans and architects participated in design of this building, such as E. Nazarov, Dushkin and Andrei Mironov. By order of the count, in 1800-18001 the interior of the church was painted by Rostov isograph (artist specializing on icon painting), a serf from Filatyev landlords, Porfiriy Ryabov.

Preserved iconostasis of 1870 opens into the altar with a wide arch. Decorated with emerald green pilasters and gilded capitals, the spectacular iconostas ends with a gable. The iconostas has only two icons painted in oil: at the left “The Mother of God” and at the right “Savior on the Throne”. The design of the iconostasis from “false marble” was created by Konstantin Aleksandrovich Dokushevsky. The work from marble was made by Moscow craftsman Adrian Stepanovich Remisov, the pilaster capitols were carved by carpenter from Smertino village of Rostov province, Vladimir Lavrentyev, gilding was added by master from Moscow workshop Vasiliy Sergeevich Nesterov, and middle-class person from Rostov, Iliya Nikolaevich Bubnov painted the “marbled” iconostasis.

External and internal stucco work of the Dmitrievskiy sobor (cathedral) made by German master, a native of Dresden Ivan Fohta, was renewed at the end of 1860s – beginning of 1870s by the master from Kostroma province Evgraf Vasilievich Isakov.

Photos forbidden inside, but this picture is taken quickly from entrance doors into the cathedral.

Photo #041 taken on August 13, 2014


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