Bust to Yury Dolgoruky – the Founder of Pereslavl

Bust to Yury Dolgoruky – the Founder of Pereslavl
«Bust to Yury Dolgoruky – the Founder of Pereslavl»

The monument to prince Yury Dolgoruky (1090-1157), son of Vladimir Monomakh (the Grand Prince of Kiev), is placed close to the entance gate of Goritsky monastery, near a big local pond. Pereslavl-Zalessky was founded by this famous Russian prince from Rurik dynasty (Rurikids) in 1157, on the last year of his life. Besides Pereslavl, Yury Dolgoruky literally "Yuri the Long-Armed" also established other cities of so-called “Golden Ring of Russia”, for example, - Moscow in 1147, Yuriev-Polski in 1152, Kostroma in 1152 and Dmitrov in 1154. In the present time, historians explain his namesake as “Gatherer of Lands”.

Photo #396 taken on August 16, 2010 during 1 day long distance countryside tour to Sergiev Posad and Pereslavl-Zalessky with my Dear client from USA, Irine Schweitzer and her family.


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