On the Way to Bogolyubovo Convent

On the Way to Bogolyubovo Convent
«On the Way to Bogolyubovo Convent»

The rural landscape of the Bogoluybovo convent taken from side road, as the local man walking along the road with his cow in the direction of the eastern part of the convent. Being one of the most ancient monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Holy Bogolyubovo Monastery was founded in 1155 by St. Blessed Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky - "the gatherer of the Russian land," second only to St. Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir. Impressive grand cathedral of the Bogolyubskaya Icon of the Mother of God with beautiful blue onion domes (the blue color is dedicated to Virgin Mary) was constructed in 1855-1866 based on the design of the famous Russian architect Konstantin Andreyevich Thon, who specialized in Neo-Russian-Byzantine designs for churches (a great example is the design for the Cathedral of Christ the Savior).

Photo #092 taken on July 08, 2010 during one day long distance countryside tour of the Golden Ring of Russia (Vladimir – Bogolyubovo – Suzdal) with my Dear client from Australia.


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