Schematic Map of Alexandrov Kremlin

Schematic Map of Alexandrov Kremlin
«Schematic Map of Alexandrov Kremlin»

Layout of the architectural monuments of the State Museum-Preserve “Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda,” from a board on its grounds:

  1. 1. Church-Bell-Tower of the Crucifixion (Raspyatskaya Tserkov-Kolokolnya) - middle of the 16 century;
  2. 2. Holy Trinity Cathedral (Troitskiy Sobor) of the 16th century;
  3. 3. Intercession Church and Vestry (Pokrovskaya Tserkov and Riznitsa) of the 16th – 17th centuries;
  4. 4. Assumption Church (Uspenskaya Tserkov) of the 16th century;
  5. 5. Hospital Corps;
  6. 6. Church of the Presentation of the Lord (Tserkov Sreteniya Gospodnya);
  7. 7. Living Chamber (1682, rebuilt in 19th century);
  8. 8. Water-filled Tent;
  9. 9. St. Theodore the Stratilate Gateway Church (Nadvratnaya Tserkov Fedora Stratilata) of 1682;
  10. 10. Museum Ticket and Excursion Office, Souvenir Shop;
  11. 11. Water Closet.

Photo #005 taken on August 22, 2014
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