Helping Moscow Traffic Jam: Putin’s Personal Helipad for $6.4M

Landing President Putin’s Mi-8 Helicopter
«Landing President Putin’s Mi-8 Helicopter» - See photo in Gallery
On May 18th it was officially confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin now has a personal helicopter pad built in Kremlin, which cost around 200 million rubles  (6.4 million dollars). This information has come from Vladimir Kozhin, Kremlin current chief property manager.

According to Korzhin, 200 million rubles were needed to pay mainly for land survey, modeling, landscaping and all kinds of construction works.  The pad itself is intended to be used by Putin for personal and official needs, and once in a while can be used to provide a landing spot for President’s guests that arrive on a helicopter from
President’s Helicopter Pad
«President’s Helicopter Pad» - See photo in Gallery
Airline company Rossiya that caters to the Russian Government has got a couple of other helicopters besides this one, two Augusta-Westland AW helicopters, to be specific. 

 This is what the helipad looks like in a finished state. It will be able to serve as a landing spot not only for the President’s helicopter, but for any helicopter model that will be welcome in Kremlin. As it can be seen, the design of it does indeed merge with Kremlin buildings into one harmonious architectural assemble.    

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