June 22 - the Day of Memory and Sorrow in Russia

Today is the Day of Memory and Sorrow in Russia, marking the day when the Great Patriotic War, the bloodiest in the country’s history, broke out. 73 years ago, in early morning on June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The war claimed a toll of about 27 million Soviet people dead and gone missing.With my first picture «Lights over Sculptural Group Sorrow», in the new album The Central museum of the Great Patriotic War, I want to join all the people who shed their tears for all those who gave their lives to fulfill the duty of defending the Motherland.

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 Lights over Sculptural Group «Sorrow»
«Lights over Sculptural Group «Sorrow»» - See photo in Gallery
 Dome with Order of Victory
«Dome with Order of Victory» - See photo in Gallery
 Victory Weapon - Military Exhibition at Poklonnaya Hill
«Victory Weapon - Military Exhibition at Poklonnaya Hill» - See photo in Gallery
 Dive Bomber PE-2 (1940)
«Dive Bomber PE-2 (1940)» - See photo in Gallery

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