All Aboard! - International Festival Circle of Light started in Moscow

Ballet Dancers on Facade of Bolshoi
«Ballet Dancers on Facade of Bolshoi» - See picture in Circle of Light 2013 album

Yesterday started Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light 2013". Thousands of people came to watch spectacular light show at one of famous buildings in Moscow, Bolshoi Theater. From October 04 until October 08 on the Bolshoi Theatre facade, Muscovites and visitors of Moscow city can enjoy two light shows – «Ballet, Decor, Movement» and «The Image of Russia» accompanied with the classical music by world-famous composers. The light show on the building of Bolshoi was created by foreign professionals of light, music and computer graphics. Watch the video on Youtube: Bolshoi Theater "All Aboard" by Cosmo AV - Moscow Circle of Light 2013 .

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 Ballet Dancers on Facade of Bolshoi
«Ballet Dancers on Facade of Bolshoi» - See photo in Gallery
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