Suzdal's Winter Scenes

Winter Scenery with Ancient Churches of Suzdal
«Winter Scenery with Ancient Churches of Suzdal» - See photo in Gallery
Recently I returned from my alternate trip to Suzdal, a majestic ancient city in Russia. I was there on March 29 -30, with Michelle Shultz, my client from Intel Corp. (USA), and her two friends (classmates). It was extremely cold on those days (about -10C), but I took several good shots of Suzdal’s winter scenes during this trip. I would like to share my work with you (on these last days of winter) and I hope you enjoy them. I will try to upload my new photos as soon as I have time.

There are dozens of beautiful churches and breathtaking landscapes in Suzdal. The XVI-XVIII century churches as well as extremely picturesque landscapes attract many travelers to this ancient city in Russia. In 1983 Suzdal received "The Golden Apple" prize from the International Travel Commentators Association, as the most notable tourist attraction.

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 St. Demetrius Cathedral (Vladimir)
«St. Demetrius Cathedral (Vladimir)» - See photo in Gallery
 As Ivanushka from Russian Fairy-Tale
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 Portrait with Magnificent Nativity Cathedral of Suzdal Kremlin
«Portrait with Magnificent Nativity Cathedral of Suzdal Kremlin» - See photo in Gallery
 Inside Dormition Cathedral of Goritsky Monastery
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