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My New Digital SLR Camera - Nikon D300

Currently (at the end of January 2008), I am quite busy with my repeat clients, mostly business people, and had not time for a while to learn its manual, but I have already tested it and made several shots of my pets. I was so excited even I forgot that several minutes earlier that I was very tired after a Moscow By Night tour with my clients...

Posted on January 31, 2008
A Letter with Season Greetings from Canada

A Letter with Season Greetings from Canada

At the end of the past winter holidays (in Russia Dec 30 - Jan 08) I received via post a letter from Olga and Bill Rogers who used my services in Moscow during almost a week (6 days) at the end of June 2007. When I opened a big envelope I was greatly surprised with a handmade calendar...

Posted on January, 2008
Ice Rink at Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Ice Rink at Cathedral of Christ the Savior

On the first days of 2008 the temperature of air in Moscow lowered down to -16..-18 C (+3…0 F), but was not snow on the grounds yet. This picture of Cathedral of Christ the Savior with view of frozen Moscow River (Moskva-Reka) that looks as like ice rink I took very early morning after seeing off my current client from USA to airport. It was soo cold that after operating my camera about ten minutes, my hands and feet almost freeze, but I was awarded several great pictures and one of them in front of you.

Seasons Greetings from Russia - Happy Holidays!

Hanukkah is now well under way, and Christmas is only one week away... Winter holidays are coming and many people in a lot of countries have already started to shop for Christmas gifts and to think about how they can greet the New Year of 2008...

Posted on December 18, 2007

Johnny Weir Won Gold Medal at Cup of Russia in Moscow

Today was the second day of competition for Cup of Russia (Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2007/2008 in Moscow) and I was very happy when Johnny told me himself that he is in first place so far in context.

Posted on November 24, 2007

Stories about Moscow and St. Petersburg by Millie Ball

Recently, Millie Ball, who is travel journalist from New Orleans, USA, posted at her blog two very interesting stories about her trip to Russia. She was here, in Moscow, with her husband, Keith Marshall, at the end of October and used my services as a guide and driver couple of days. It was very interesting to work with them...

Posted on November 16, 2007

First Day of Winter 2007-2008

Yesterday was the first strong snowfall in Moscow, about 10 centimeters of snow. Many drivers were not prepared with their winter tires for the winter season, and as a result, there were about 2,000 accidents in the city yesterday, according to the news. I was not prepared also, and by providence escaped a couple of times from damaging my car...

Posted on November 14, 2007

End of Vacation 2007

I and my wife Olga just returned back to our home from South of Russia, Black Sea. We spent great time there, visited a lot of places from Lazarevskoe (where we rented a house close to the beach) to Abhazia. I took a lot of pictures and hope to make interesting photoalbum on my website soon.

Posted on September 25, 2007

On Vacation Within Next Two Weeks (Sept 11-25, 2007)

In a few days, I am going with my wife Olga to the south of Russia, to the Black Sea. This will be our first vacation in 5 years. We will take a train on the 11th of September and in 30 hours we will be 1,500 km away from Moscow in a quiet place near the famous resort of Sochi...

Posted on September 9, 2007

Fire opposite the Moscow Kremlin

On 17th of August 2007, when I was walking across the Bolshoi Kamenny Most (Big Stone Bridge) to meet my clients near the Armory Museum, I was able to watch a fire in one of the buildings opposite the Kremlin Cathedrals...

Posted on August 19, 2007

About Me in Short

Arthur Lookyanov

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